Developing bespoke heating solutions For Zoos, Safari Parks and animal enclosures.

We are often asked to specify systems for very unique projects including zoos and wildlife parks. Our systems can provide targeted warmth for animal enclosures or encourage different species to spend time in full view of visitors.


Cheetah Rock at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Our systems were installed at Whipsnade Zoo in their 'Cheetah Rock' enclosure to provide heating on top of specific rocks. We specified 7mm cables, suited to exterior applications, which provided consistent warmth for the mammals to make basking more pleasant. The temperature of the rocks was controlled to guarantee that the cheetahs were easily visible to visitors. Specific rocks, positioned in ideal spots for observation, were heated to provide a variety of reclining opportunities. All sensors and controls were hidden from view so they could not be damaged, but still allowed the systems to be externally controlled by Zoo Keepers.

Raising the temperature at Dartmoor

We are working on an on-going project at Dartmoor Zoo. We have specified heating systems within numerous animal enclosures and within the staff welfare area. The Zoo, made famous in the 2011 film We bought a Zoo,commissioned us to install a Jaguar heater for their big cat Sovereign. Heating cables were hidden beneath layers of concrete and controlled with bespoke temperature sensors. The aim was to encourage Sovereign to lie on the heated rocks to be visible to visitors throughout the day. Tim Steward, Maintenance Manager at Dartmoor Zoo says; "Heat Mat provided us with the means to motivate our jaguar, Sovereign, to leave his house on cold days. Being a South American species, he's a notoriously fair-weather resident and many of our visitors wouldn't see him if the temperature dropped below 10 degrees, which it does often! Now he has a heated basking rock, which means almost all of our visitors get to see him - and he is quite a sight, and an important ambassador for conservation. The greater the number of people who see Sovereign, the higher the awareness of this beautiful, keystone species." We have also specified systems to help the Tapirs at Dartmoor stay warm in their enclosures. The endangered South American mammals were struggling with the unpredictable British weather, so the Zoo approached us to design a solution to improve the 3.4m2 pens for these largely nocturnal creatures. The final designs included Thermal Insulation Boards and high powered 200W Underfloor Heating Mats under non-slip tiles. We have also submitted plans to heat sections of an old Landrover in the Tamarin Monkey enclosure. The monkey's like to jump and lie on the Landrover. At the back of the vehicle specialist 7mm cables, covered in latex with an aluminium sheet finish, will be installed.

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Cheetah heating at ZSL Whipsnade.

7mm heating cable is ideal for animal enclosures.

A diagram of the heating solution for Tamarin Monkeys at Dartmoor Zoo.

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