Electric underfloor heating – The true cost of ownership

How much does an underfloor heating cost to a homeowner?

Once you have installed your electric underfloor heating system you can sit back and benefit from the beautiful warmth the system offers, knowing that there will be no further costs apart from the electricity used to run it!  The heating wires themselves should last as long as any other electrical wires in your house, and as your heating system is likely to be one of the many covered by our Lifetime Warranties there will be no unexpected costs.

The lack of maintenance costs is one of the many reasons so many people are choosing Heat Mat underfloor heating to warm their home. Alternative heating systems can be economic to install, however many of them suffer from ongoing maintenance costs which significantly add to the true cost of ownership. The boiler that heats the water for a radiator system will require regular servicing to keep it running safely and efficiently, and every decade or so it is likely to need replacing. In addition, the radiators and pipe work themselves may require regular de-scaling and there is always the issue of unexpected and potentially expensive leaks from old/damaged pipes. Water based underfloor heating systems also suffer from the cost of maintaining the boiler, but have the additional issue of servicing the manifold systems which can, in extreme circumstances, require replacing.

Although the technology used in these systems has improved markedly in recent years, they are still usually reliant on a boiler to provide the hot water. Both of the above system can suffer from the gradual deterioration in the boilers efficiency, meaning that year on year the heating system becomes more expensive to run. Electrical underfloor heating remains over 99% energy efficient at converting electricity to heat throughout its life. Alternatives to the above heating systems exist, and many people are now starting to look towards 'renewable' energy sources such as ground source heat pumps and solar water heating to power their systems. Many properties are simply not suitable for either of these options, as their gardens are not large enough for ground source heat pumps and they may not have enough roof space to install solar water heating. Additionally, both of these systems cost a significant amount to install and the pay back period for savings can be significant.

Electric underfloor heating can be very cost effective to install, has no maintenance costs, runs at above 99% efficiency and, with the right insulation, can save you money on your heating bills. It is the logical choice.