Mirror Heaters – A Mist Free Solution

Do you have a problem with condensation and mist forming on your bathroom mirror?

Heat Mat offer a simple solution to make sure that your mirrors remain free of mist and condensation in your bathroom or wash room. Our Mirror Demister unit is attached to the light switch so only turns on when the light is turned on and the bathroom is in use.

Usually it is advisable to select the correct size mirror that is similar to the mirror. The area of covering the mat will be free of mist, including an extra area of almost an inch around the edges of the mirror demister behind the mirror. In the case of larger mirrors, a number of units can be used  to make sure the whole mirror surface is covered. If using more than one unit it is important that there is a gap of 10mm between each mirror heater and that they are all wired in parallel, not in series.

It is not essential to ensure that the whole area of mirror is covered. Sometimes  people choose to have a small area in the centre of the mirror mist free, leaving the rest of the mirror without heating. It is easy to achieve this by selecting a heater that is slightly smaller than the mirror itself.

Easy to Install

Mirror Demisters can be easily attached to the reverse side of a large range of mirrors. The self-adhesive backing allows it to be easily fitted to the back of most mirrors. In order to fix the mirror to the wall, the mirror should be covered with solvent-free mirror adhesive. If being used in conjunction with a safety-backed mirror, then said backing must be earthed, along with all metal parts around the entire mirror.

Mirror Demister Technical Info:

  • Heating Element - Carbon with copper connections
  • Power Output - 220W/sqm
  • Supply Voltage - 230V +/- 10%
  • Alternative Voltages - Available in 12V &24V units
  • Housing - IP44
  • Insulation - Double insulated
  • Dimensions - Dependent on product
  • Coldtail Lead - 1m 0.75mm ² double insulated cable