Underfloor Heating Insulation

All underfloor heating systems benefit from insulation in the floor construction, however the biggest gains come from insulation installed directly beneath the heating system.

If you are installing an electric underfloor heating system beneath a tiled floor it is always worth choosing a powerful system (160W or 200W/sqm) to ensure that the floor and room heat up quickly. The more powerful systems ensure that your room can attain a higher temperature and also add to the systems energy efficiency.

Placing a thermal insulation board directly beneath the underfloor heating can make a huge difference to how quickly the floor will warm up, particularly in badly insulated rooms. A board with a thickness of as little as 10mm still has a U Value of 2.7 which can halve the warm up time of your floor (down to roughly 20 minutes) and help the system to run in an energy efficient manner.

Heat Mat supply concrete faced structural insulation boards which ensure that the tiles above are provided with a secure surface. These boards should not be confused with non-structural boards which don't have a concrete face and can't offer a firm key for tile adhesive. Although these types of insulation boards are suitable for use beneath a screed bed, they are not as suited to use directly beneath tiles.

Our boards are made in the UK, and we offer them in various heights with 6mm, 10mm and 20mm being the most popular. They are a great addition to any underfloor heating system, and when used in a conservatory on an otherwise uninsulated floor they can pay for themselves through reduced running costs in as little as three years.